Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lighting the way

Sitting inside, listening to the rain and reading about the tragic losses in the lives of the four men comprising Abraham Lincoln's Team of Rivals, I am struck by the tragedy of the performance we are playing.

We struggle and struggle to improve our lot, whether our goals are as controversial as marriage equality, or as simple as food on the table. Years of hard work, of scraping away for advantage, and without warning the pernicious hand of nature strikes and we lose our loved ones, our homes, or our lives.

Lighting our way through hard times are the candle of hope we carry within us, and the soft glowing lamp of compassion held out to us by those around us, ready to relight our hope when it flickers and threatens to die. The knowledge that someone out there cares, that we are not alone, is what pulls many through the darkest night, and onward towards day.

For those who have never had their candles blown upon by the cold winds of misfortune, who are you to judge those who have? For those who are blessed with the support of many, leading them forward, let them reach out a hand to help those who walk alone. A simple gesture of aid, food on the table, may do more to rekindle the spark of hope then the most eloquent tirade against injustice. Give what you can.

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